container dryer machine

WATROMAT® container sludge dryer reduces the volume and weight of filter cake sludge semi-continuously with dried air in big skips or hook lift containers. Sludge drying with WATROMAT® container sludge dryer suits for large plate and frame filter presses. The filter cake sludge falls into WATROMAT® drying skips or WATROMAT® hook lift drying containers and will be dried during standing under the filter press.

WATROMAT® container sludge dryers works fully automatic and don’t need any handling till the container is filled with dried sludge.

Features and benefits

  • Dries up to 20 t sludge per day per container
  • Needs min. 30 % dried solids
  • Use approximately 0.33 kWh power per kg separated water
  • Reach 90 % dried solids
container dryer machine