belt dryer machine

WATROMAT® belt sludge dryer uses a drying tunnel and conditioned dried air to reduce sewage sludge storage volume and weight. WATROMAT® belt sludge dryer is suited for sewage sludge dewatered by belt filter press, centrifuge, decanter or screw press. Sewage sludge will be distributed on a perforated belt, transported slowly through a sludge tunnel, and softly dried by conditioned dry air. WATROMAT® belt sludge dryer works in an emission free closed system and without odour.

Features and benefits

  • continuous operation mode, 24 h/day, 7 days/week
  • Dry 500 – 13000 kg sludge/day
  • Needs minimum 20% dried solids
  • shredder and rake at inlet, collecting screw conveyor at outlet
  • Low drying temperature – 30˚C
  • Use approximately 0.33 kWh power per kg separated water
  • Reach 90 % dried solids
belt dryer machine
belt dryer machine